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Reusable PPE Barrier Cover/Mask

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  • Read our Full Disclosure and Warranty prior to purchase.  READ HERE. 
  • This PPE Cover/Mask is considered a "pedestrian" mask and is not a medical mask or device.  See intended use and additional information below. 
  • Buyer assumes all liability/risk in the spread and/or prevention of infectious disease in the use of this product.  

A Made in the USA reusable, washable PPE Barrier Cover/Mask designed for those on the front lines of the pandemic and people at highest risk. The Cover/Mask is made from a Burlington barrier fabric that is easily washed and reused over disposables or as a face covering.  N-95 mask in picture is not included with purchase. 

I'm excited to have partnered with Burlington Industries here in NC to offer a product from their Maxima AT ESD fabric.  Known for being a global leader in medical textile production, this fabric has a "Super DWR" finish, which is a repellency chemistry applied in finishing to provide barrier characteristics up to 75 washes.  While Burlington fabrics are not designed to protect from viral or bacterial pathogens, they can be used for minimum and low performance category face masks. 

I designed and fit tested the cone shape to ensure the best coverage and comfort.  Available in five sizes from XS/Petite to XL/N-95 Cover.  Adjustable self fabric ear ties. Wire in nose.

Easy care.  Wash by hand or machine in hot water.  

Adjustable fabric ear ties that knot to ensure a custom fit.

  • Made in Raleigh, NC (USA) of NC milled fabric.    
  • 99% Polyester, 1% Carbon
  • 5 sizes and 2 colors.  
  • Model wearing  color Medium Aqua.  Color Sea Green with N-95.
  • Model is wearing a M to fit over disposable PPE as a barrier cover.  Would size down to a S if wearing as mask for a tighter fit and seal around the face. 
  • S or M fits most women |  M or L fits most men
  • Petite fits most petite and older youth.
  • XL fits most "Big & Tall" men, full beards, and covers disposable PPE.
  • Masks are washed in a hot water bleach solution prior to shipping.
  • Wash upon receipt and prior to trying on or wearing. 
Need 25 or more?  Shop The ADALEI Reusable PPE COVER/MASK in bulk here or contact us directly for large orders over 25. 

Intended Use: Members of the general public, including healthcare providers in healthcare settings as personal protective equipment, to cover their noses and mouths, in accordance with CDC recommendations, to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Read our Full Disclosure and Warranty prior to purchase.  READ HERE.