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" My creative process is like many artists ~ constantly evolving, as designs develop organically. Many of my garments start with either a sketch or draping a piece of fabric on the dress form. Some days, I'll drape on myself in front of a mirror and the design emerges into a silhouette completely different from the original vision.

I'm excited to share some beautifully crafted pieces this collection. The Aimée Silk Top is exquisite and one of the prettiest designs I've ever made. I am also introducing my first linen garment in a beautiful navy viscose blend.

The majority of the pieces are how I normally dress and live. Defined silhouettes in chic clean lines. Comfortable, luxury jerseys that look great at home or going out. Cooling silks that feel amazing against your skin.

We did things differently for this photo shoot. I didn't hire a professional model or rent a photography studio. We took these pictures in the ADALÉI studio.

My passion is The Art & Craft of Fashion and I proudly do that here in the Carolinas. The artistry and skill set of US made apparel has never been more important and I'm excited to merge this tradition with the world of 3D fashion .

~ Christy, Designer