My father is an architect and I remember as a girl going to his design studio and being in awe of his drafting table.  There was always jazz music in the background, Bill Evans or some scattered jazz, with the occasional public radio news report.  His drafting pencils would be meticulously lined up on the table either by size or style and he would organize his space to perfection before drawing the first line.  He is still like this today and it's fascinating to watch his need for visual organization prior to completing a project.  I have to admit I'm a bit envious, as I have a more "organized chaos" approach to creating.  But, whether you are an artist who needs every paint tube lined up by color or an interior designer who's office is stacked to the ceiling with fabrics books and bins of samples with no carpet in sight, there is a beauty to the method of creating.  And for those of us who need to create, the method becomes an extension of the creation.  The method includes your design space or studio and since most artists are inspired visually, the space itself becomes inspiration feeding back into the design.  When I've reached a creative block, I try to find a quiet moment and take in the workroom. Rolls of fabric laying against the wall,  a large board of sketches and pictures, the brass rod holding oak tag patterns, sewing machines ~ all reminders of why I follow my passion.  An inspiring space creates inspiration and whether an artist or not, I hope you have this space.