The latest collection is finally finished and I am putting patterns into the 3D software over the next several days.  This is the first time I haven't scheduled a professional photo shoot with a model and have to admit while definitely old school, I'm excited about this new adventure and way to share the line through custom avatars.  

I have to admit last year did something to my creative spirit and I needed to take a pause from designing and social media to nurture it.  It didn't feel authentic to post just for the sake of posting, so I chose to be still and wait until now.  

During the pandemic, I read an article on why art and beauty matter during such difficult times.  With so many job losses, I questioned whether a business like ADALÉI is essential.  The article stressed that beauty is even more important during our darkest periods.   A quote explained, "Beauty is not pasted over suffering, but grows out of it . . .  with green growth and hope."

I find it interesting that out of all the art mediums, there is a pressing and sometimes exhausting expectation for fashion designers.  Multiple collections in a year with the end goal being quantity over thoughtful design.  No other art form with the exception of possibly music has this intense deadline on creativity.  And in forcing the process, I think you lose the natural progression that happens as an idea organically evolves.  I've learned that while some creativity grows out of darkness, mine only survives in the light. 

After the last collection, I started to feel a sense of creative block.  My usual sources of inspiration were not lifting me and it quickly became apparent this was much deeper than I had realized.  

But, as the designs have started flooding back into my head, I now understand that it wasn't me and my creative process.  Rather the external forces of what the year represented that had temporarily crushed my spirit.

I've learned a lot about myself and how I create best.  Isolation from the negativity and focusing on areas of positive energy in my life are essential.  I had a big birthday during COVID and have spent a lot of time since the holidays reflecting on memories from my childhood that continue to bring me joy.  I am in a stage of life where things are beginning to move quickly and am committed to living my most authentic and fulfilling life.  Sometimes we have to dig up roots and find our wings again.  

This is my favorite collection so far.  There isn't a "ta-da" piece for a runway show, but these pieces feel the most like how I dress and live.  I'll be sharing more about the inspiration behind this latest group in the upcoming weeks.

I'm excited to hear your feedback and hope you are also starting to lighten from a heavy, dark season.  Hopeful for the future, excited about new opportunities, and finding peace that in spite of last year ~ everything will be ok.

Keep moving to the light.  Keep creating.