I feel with each passing decade, there is a freedom.  The white knuckles of control seem to release slowly, as we discover a tighter grip doesn't result in change.  What we once valued in our looks, the scale, or self imposed expectations, and even those "dreams" don't hold quite as much weight. 

When you are counting forward, time seems endless.  However, when subtraction math is the new game, a sense of authenticity and urgency arises as we understand it's time to "bloom where we are rooted".  A rooted woman is one who realizes the ground on which she already stands, not looking to other soil for cultivation.  

Knowing without a doubt she has become the woman she was intended to be. 

Comparisons, doubts, and insecurities that were once self-imposed chains are replaced with a non-apologetic spirit of exploration and discovery.  This is not the time to slow down.  It is the time to engage your body, mind, and most importantly your spirit with an appreciation for every minute.